March 12th, 2014

Hi Catherine
I have been loving my new clothes! Loads of people have commented on my appearance, many saying I looked like I’d lost weight :-)))) last week at the Saturday BBQ I wore the blue trousers with the Hobbs peplum top and the kimono jacket and blue necklace and blue wedges. I felt amazing! We had a 40th birthday party this weekend and I wore the printed trousers with the peplum top again and white blazer with pearl necklace. Getting ready is certainly a lot easier! I have been able to incorporate a lot of my existing clothes with the ones we bought so its all good! I also brought the coral coloured waterproof jacket from Banana Republic and some cropped trousers in beige/khaki colour. I would definitely like to have another shopping trip with you. I need my husband to get over this one first…so maybe Autumn? Even he thought it was a great success! If you are ever out shopping (haha) and see something that is “so Rachael” then do please let me know, I’d be very grateful for your continued input.