March 28th, 2014

After going through numerous stylists’ websites, I chose to get Catherine’s help as I really warmed towards her from her sincere and down to earth website. Catherine took the time to come and meet me before our shopping trip to find out what I was like and to look at the clothes I owned already – something which I felt was really important before researching the various styles for me. I then spent about 4 hours with Catherine on Oxford Street and she was absolutely fantastic! She had done a lot of research so I could save on time and go straight into shops where she had pre-selected clothes for me, rather than waste time wandering about. She did really well choosing clothes to suit my age group and budget and I learnt so much about what to look for in clothes and what styles/cuts would suit my body shape and colouring. It was such a wonderful experience – Catherine is a lovely person who is extremely good at her job and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for style advice!