March 28th, 2014

Hi Catherine,
I finally arrived back home and had some food – sooo exhausted! But I have been invited to a little party in Clapham tonight with the theme cream and cookies and the requirement to dress in white, blue and red. Well, I guess I shall throw on the blue trousers, the white top with the little tail and the big red shoes! How fab! There are mostly gay men, all in their 40s and very stylish so I’m sure I will be commented on!
The last stop at Zara’s was a rather daunting experience with way too many people and massive queues everywhere. And it was hot! Awful! However – as always when I’m on a mission(!) – I put on most of the stuff you prepared for me and I bought the navy blue jacket, the stripey blue/pink top and the knitwear top (beige and flowery front) – they were all gorgeous, though I went up a size in all of them (from small to medium) without trying the larger size though as it was too busy. I ended up paying at the kids till which was the quietest!
Carrying everything home was a whole other workout with my arms potentially being sore tomorrow! I’m glad I can show some of the new clothes off tonight, so will let you know how that goes!
Thanks again for everything, I hope you have a great evening!