March 28th, 2014

Hello again,
Thank you again for the excellent shopping trip on Thursday – I had such a good time, but oh my goodness was I exhausted in the evening!!? I got into bed early after having performed a little fashion show for my boyfriend (who by the way was VERY pleased!) and tried on the clothes about a million times. Thought I would read for a bit and relax, but I kept having to get out of bed to try the clothes on again as I kept thinking of different ways to mix and match them…
Even the cats loved the shopping experience as they were given all the wrapping paper from House of Fraser to play with…
I went out last night and wore my new beige trousers and the white top with the low neck and looked totally gorgeous! It is really nice to have some really good items of clothing in my wardrobe and lots of ideas on how to mix and match them and I look forward to next payday when I will go out and get a couple of more items and some more accessories to vary the outfits even more. It has been really nice to have a helping hand from you and I have come home with lots of fabulous clothes in both styles and colours that I would never even have though to try on before AND that I actually feel comfortable in. THANK YOU!!! I feel like I am much better prepared for my next shopping trip now as I have found that I can actually wear something else than just hoodies and jeans AND STILL feel comfortable.
Thank you – again!
Take lots of care,