Dear Catherine,
Haha we should be the ones thanking you! We had an absolute blast and I was so happy that Carmen was practically beaming the entire day. She told me that it was the best birthday present she ever had. So thank you so much for all your positivity and kindness which made her feel that way. Oh and your awesome fashion ability obviously! Both Carmen and I have/do struggled with body image issues for one reason or another, so to have a day of shopping and to leave with confidence and happiness, means the entire world to us. So thank you again.
All the best


Thanks so much for today Catherine! Such a busy day for you in extraordinary heat, so thank you for retaining such seemingly effortless joy and patience and energy throughout!! And I’m so struck by the COLOUR I’ve just unpacked at home. So many items I would never pick up myself and so many possibilities opening up, I can never again feel I have nothing to wear or indeed reach for the same thing… Thanks again and have a wonderful break. Enjoy.

Becca x


Thank you for an amazing day today!!I am so super excited by my new clothes. My fashion designer ex-husband used to say that your clothes are your four walls when your are outside your house. They are protection and how you want to be seen. Now that I can wear normal clothes again, I am loving rediscovering my love of clothes and beautiful things!! I am rediscovering my four walls of fashion. You have helped me so much with that!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Juliane x

Thank you so much Catherine! It was super lovely to meet you and just so exciting to be shown the full potential of the clothes I already have and all the possibilities waiting ahead! It couldn’t have come at a better time. You are so good at what you do. So many of these scarves were my mums so it also feels so amazing to be getting them out. Nick came home to me re-potting a plant in the garden in a bright pink shirt, leopard print scarf and multi-coloured Moroccan slip ons and was thrilled! Looking forward to shopping trip.

Becca x

Dear Catherine

Yesterday was really fantastic! Thank you for your great enthusiasm and professional expertise. I was absolutely amazed by what you were able to do with my existing wardrobe and your knowledge of tops and other items in the shops right now. V impressive! I found the whole experience energising and very supportive!

Thank you also for the photos and links to the various tops!

I have always expressed my personality (all of the different facets) through how I dress. I realised yesterday just how I had stopped wearing anything fitted (which has always been a huge part of how I dress). I felt our session  allowed me to slip back into my (clothing) skin, and with your help, in fact move forward into a more modern version of myself.

I am so excited to be working with you! I cannot wait for our next session.

Thank you!!!


Hi Catherine,

Thank you for such an enjoyable and valuable day on Friday!

I arrived at my Book Club gathering on Friday in one of “your” outfits and all four girls said ‘Wow you look amazing Fi. What have you been doing!” So they all instantly noticed my wardrobe revitalisation! And I told them about your brilliant services so you may receive some enquiries. 

I particularly valued your objective of creating many different looks from a capsule set of items. And also the opportunity to dig out some old forgotten pieces and match different items that I wouldn’t have thought about combining. 

Thanks also for Google photos and Web links for beautiful jackets and belts. 

Thanks again for your expert guidance and enjoyable service!

All the best. Fiona

Hi Catherine – thank you very much for your help today. You are amazing at what you do. It was a very successful trip! Thanks again


My husband bought me a voucher for a shopping trip with Catherine and it was truly the best present I have ever had. She is extremely talented at finding clothes and looks that fit with your personal style, suit your shape and your colouring. I can’t recommend her enough! She is also very sweet and encouraging and will adapt the shopping to suit your budget. I love wearing the new clothes that I bought on my trip with her and it has boosted my confidence. Thanks Catherine!

Google review – Claire

I have now worked with Catherine on two occasions, both ostensibly for a black tie event. (I say ‘ostensibly’ because I actually walked away with many other wonderful clothes!). I decided to go to a personal stylist because I am larger than the average bear (i.e. plus-size) and I just couldn’t find anything that made me feel like a million bucks. Catherine and I spoke at great length before the first session so she could establish my likes and dislikes. She scouted shops ahead of time and when I got to the store she had three full racks of things to consider. She pushed the envelope and made me try things I never would’ve – and they were amazing. Every time I wear the clothes Catherine assisted me with purchasing, I feel like a HUNDRED million bucks. And here is the bonus: she is an wonderful person and really good fun to be with!!!

Google review – Amy

Catherine has been such a fantastic person to have come into my life. I have used her expertise on so many occasions, from pregnancy through to dressing me as a new mum! Catherine is so experienced and works with who you are as a person and what your needs are. Catherine takes the time to really understand you which then enables her to help push comfort zones and make you feel amazing in items of clothing I didn’t think I could wear. Catherine is always available to answer questions and is always open to helping with any fashion dilemma. She is my go to guru and I hope will be in my life for a very long time. Thank you Catherine! X

Google review – Beth

I couldn’t recommend Catherine highly enough to be your personal stylist. She really understands your personality, style and listens to what you would like and needs but she also tells you if something does suit you and that you don’t need it! Making outfits out of your the clothes you already have in your Wardobe was very impressive. She pays attention to your body shape, advises style and shapes that suit you, which I would have never have thought of ever but actually looks really good. The shopping trip was so much fun learning and seeing all the pieces she would buy together was a real learning curve and insight to fashion. Since hiring Catherine I have had endless compliments on my outfits and fashion. She is definitely worth her weight in gold! A must have! Catherine is my go to person for anything fashion and has completely changed my life! She is SUPERB. XX

Google review – Candice

Catherine is my go-to person for all my wardrobe refreshes since 2013 and I never looked back! The shopping experience is super productive – I’m amazed at all the incredible pieces Catherine can find in a just a few hours time …all I need to do is try them on in the comfort of a nice spacious fitting room and it’s always a pleasant surprise when Catherine manages to negotiate another discount on top of the standard retail discount! What I love about working with Catherine is that she considers my style and preferences but at the same time nudges me out of my comfort zone and gives me confidence to try new styles that I would have never tried before. All my outfits get great compliments and I have enjoyed wearing them over so many years as they are so versatile. I can only highly recommend her to anyone who would like to meet their true inner fashionista and who would also like to be empowered and learn how to style yourself in the best way.

Google review – Dounia

Catherine has the most discerning eye and can really transform your look. She really is incredible at what she does and has changed my attitude to my own style permanently and for the better. She created a capsule wardrobe for me and I can now pair my clothes with the perfect accessories over and over again so that I don’t get bored. Catherine is discreet, positive, honest and such a lovely person – which is a bonus. You need her in your life! Do not hesitate to get in touch, you will not regret it.

Google review – Niamh

I decided to use Catherine as I have never enjoyed shopping as I could never find anything that suited me, and decided it was time to change that! Catherine was fantastic, the shopping trip was extremely enjoyable and good fun, whilst creating a capsule wardrobe for me, that I have enjoyed wearing and have had so many more comments on than ever before. Catherine puts a lot of time and thought into the pieces she chooses for you and walking into a changing room and having it all there ready to try is a real treat. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you Catherine, I will definitely be using you again xx

Google review – Louise

Catherine has a very warm and thoughtful approach to her styling trips and this really helped me be open to her suggestions. She organised a fun and exiticing afternoon and I couldn’t reccomend her enough to people of all ages – she can instantly captured my personality and lifestyle and translated it into serveral pieces to create a wardrobe I feel confident wearing. I definitely hope to use her again in the future!


Google review – Mumta

What a fabulous way to spend a Friday afternoon. I embarked on a tailored shopping trip with Catherine. She has so much talent and ability to look at you and know exactly which shape, colour abd fit is for you. She pushed you outside your comfort zone and surprise ….it feels great. She had done lots of homework and preparation to make trying clothes fun and energising. You never had to ask the size as all was ready for me in the changing room. She is a artiste and a master in her craft. She is so warm and generous, creative and fun that makes the entire experience such a uolifting and easy moment spent on yourself. It’is Better than any therapy. She made me feel like a million dollars and can only recommend her services You won’t regret it .. will do this again soon 😜🌸🌸🌸


Google review – Nadine

Catherine has helped me inject fun and style into a wardrobe that outlived 3 pregnancies and helped me to develop a brand new sense of style of my own. Not only does Catherine work to budget, but she also endeavours to stretch you out of your comfort zone, introduce you to new brands, but always does so with you feeling and being totally in control of the process. I loved everything we bought on our trips and hence booked another shopping trip a year later. I wasn’t disappointed – Catherine is your stylish big sister and doesn’t disappoint you, or other halves ! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and can’t wait for my next shopping trip some time. I feel incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity and having 3 young children at home, this reincarnation of my wardrobe would not have happened without her intervention ! Thank you Catherine !

Google review – DJM

Hi Catherine

Sorry its taken a while, but I wanted to write you a testimonial to thank you for our time together in January, as well as your report and photos.  Having spent a year on maternity leave, I really needed some help to find my individual style again, and our day together surpassed my expectations.  As well as encouraging me to have a good clear out, you actually managed to find some lovely outfits in my existing wardrobe, teaming together items that I would never have thought of putting together.  It really opened my eyes and gave me the confidence to try new things.  I also used the opportunity to buy some new key pieces to compliment what I already have, so that I now have a great capsule wardrobe with many outfits to choose from.  No doubt I will be coming back to you later in the year to put together a summer wardrobe. Thanks again for such an enjoyable and inspiring afternoon.

Best wishes


Hi Catherine

The suit that I bought with you for the interview did the trick! I found out last week that I got the job. It took 4 months and 6 rounds of interviews so I had the opportunity to wear a lot of the stuff we bought during the process! Anyway, a big thank you again for your help with getting me looking suitably professional! Hope all is good with you.

Carolyn x

Hi Catherine, I just wanted to say a big thank you for making Beth feel and look like a  million dollars 🙂

She had a lovely time, you made her feel really special! She looks amazing in all her clothes and I’m sure she will be in touch again at some point.

All the best


Hello Catherine- I thought you would get a kick out of this- I am currently in Rome wearing my amazing Marina Rinaldi coat. I have had TWO Italian women (very chic, in all black of course) tell me they love my coat. I don’t think it gets much better than that!  Thank you for helping me find it!  I have another black tie ball on 16th March – I think we might have to get together again at Marina Rinaldi – maybe even a dress this time (??!!!!!!).  Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you on 2019! 


Julia had such fun with you. It was great to see her face and excitement when she had clothes delivered this week. You were her best birthday present ever. I couldn’t fault your service from start to finish.


I particularly chose Catherine Hayward for a personal shopping day due to the many, many positive testimonials on her website. I can only add wholeheartedly to those!! Catherine is a very likeable, friendly stylist who is full of energy and who instantly puts you at ease. When I arrived to meet her at our first shop, she had already put aside many items which she thought would suit me. I was able to try these on while she darted hither and thither getting further things to add to my new wardrobe. This completely took any stress out of the day as I was able to relax while she organised everything. Catherine has a real eye for what will suit an individual, both in personality, lifestyle and body shape. I spent a brilliant four hours shopping with her and came home with a wonderful selection of new dresses, skirts, trousers and shoes, all of which I love! In particular, there were things which Catherine found for me which I would never have dreamed of trying on myself, but which looked fabulous. In truth, there was very little she suggested I try on which I did not like, and Catherine made me feel comfortable enough to just say this so there was never any pressure to buy anything I didn’t want to. I would highly recommend her if you are thinking of treating yourself, a friend or a family member to a personal shopping day. I had an absolutely wonderful day and am looking forward to wearing all my new things. Thank you Catherine!!

Sarah Xxx

I am home and have just completed my ‘fashion parade’…..my husband’s comment was, wow, she knows her stuff!

Thank you so much for your time, effort, help, encouragement and advice. You made it so easy and I have learnt so much in our short time together. You have really made a massive difference to how I will now view clothes, shopping and myself. Thank you so very much!


Hi Catherine

I’m in my bedroom now admiring and trying on again my gorgeous new wardrobe – it was really wonderful meeting you too – don’t know where the time went, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience – can’t stop looking at my shoes (yes really).Will be looking forward to our lunch date and so grateful for all your help.

Siobhan x

Hi Catherine

Loved the summary and photos, v helpful and it has really opened my eyes and given me a new perspective. I really like Onjenu and can’t wait to go shopping with you when I’m back in June.

Katherine x


Love this!

Thank you Catherine for an amazing day. You are brilliant at what you do and will definitely be back for more!

Have just laid everything out – love it all!

Jo x

Oh Catherine, I can’t thank you enough for today.  I am just now catching train home and can’t wait to unpack all my items and try them on again. I’m excited to get dressed and do the school run tomorrow! You are like a fairy godmother!  You are brilliant and my future husband was so pleased by my smiles he didn’t even flinch that I went over so called “budget”!  Let’s do this again in the Spring for new season!  Much love!!!!!

Tara 💕


Hi Catherine,

Thank you so much for a lovely day.  I am home now and unpacking my bags…

I really enjoyed the experience and although I felt uncomfortable with the idea beforehand, I feel so much more confident now and am looking forward to becoming a ‘shopper’.  You have an amazing positivity and it is infectious!

Norah x


Hi Catherine,

I just want to say HUGE thank you for today. You  not only sorted my wardrobe but also lifted up my mood and self confidence. I look forward to trying the looks you created with my old garments and doing shopping for new items. This is such an exciting journey to embark on and I believe that the end result would be so worth it!

Just by wearing this simple dress with boots, scarf and hat today, I felt like pretty woman again not just usual self with boring clothes:) You made me realise that my clothes could work together well and that I could look different just by adding accessories or changing boots or adding colour stockings. And that despite being mom, I still want to look good and like my reflection in the mirror instead of trying to avoid it altogether so not to get frustrated by my looks.

I am so happy! Thank you very much!


These pics are sooo helpful!  You’re right!! Thank you! Can’t thank you enough for YOUR time today! You are truly talented my dear.  Best wardrobe consulting I’ve ever had.  You have a beautiful gift!  I learned a lot today…especially about jumpers and the drop seams.  Caroline loved how you styled my own clothes.  Def younger better looks for me! Thank you!!!!!

Wendy X


Thank YOU! Seriously fun day and I think my work wardrobe has been transformed!!


Dear Catherine

Just a short note to thank you for the wonderful shopping experience last week. Not only did I have a great time, I now have the most beautiful wardrobe and feel so special and confident everyday. You have a wonderful gift! Until next time – I’m saving already!!



Thank you so much. Katie has returned beaming! Currently enjoying the fashion show, although, I think I’ll need to upgrade my own wardrobe now to keep up! Thank you for making Katie so happy.


Thank you for today – really, really have no idea what I would have done without your amazing advice and style. Best afternoon ever!


Thank you! I am getting loads of compliments and am recommending your services to anybody wanting to hear it! I really love my new collection even though I have not quite managed to untag them all… In touch for sure! All these sample sales to come and more shopping in the future!

Alessa xx

Hi Catherine,

I can not thank you enough for all your kindness, help and advice yesterday. I came away feeling fantastic and am just thrilled wih the items we bought. I tried some outfits on for my husband last night and my mum today and they are so impressed – they can’t believe what a difference it’s made – the colours, the cuts and overall style. Thank you again and I will definitely be keeping in touch!


I have been wearing my new clothes this week and I wonder how I was surviving before!! I feel so much more confident and it is much easier to get dressed every day with the photo references. I have now taken a picture of each item of my main wardrobe and have decided that I will use it as a guide before buying anything new to check if it can work/can be styled with my existing pieces (although I will not need anything new for a while now!). The jackets have been life changing, I especially love to wear the Karen Millen one and I am just surprised that it goes with so many things! This process has made so much difference to me, I just could never go back to my old ways now!



A big thank you to you! Thank you for all the effort you put in yesterday, I really do appreciate it. I saw all my clothes again last night and I will not be returning a single item! You have been very perceptive and understood exactly what I needed  – I really could not have done this without your help. I will be doing my absolute best to use the tips and tricks you taught me and look forward to learning even more from you.


I just wanted to say that your suggestions have been amazing! I bought the red Valentino jacket (wore to work yesterday), m&s (today – amazing; so comfortable !), the two underwear tops, and tried on the theory jacket (love it but will wait to see if it goes on sale), maje leather jacket (didn’t fit quite right so will try the one from set), and need to get to pinko still. All your suggestions are amazing and so spot on.

Thank you!


Hi Catherine,

Thank you very much for a wonderful shopping day today. It was fantastic and I can’t believe how much I bought! Thank you very much for all your help and advice. I’m so pleased that I managed to get lots of trousers!  Thank you for all the links that you sent me too this afternoon. I absolutely love the Dandelion dress.

Many thanks, once again.


Thank you Catherine a lot you have been amazing!!!! Great work and some incredible outfits but more importantly the emotional transformation.
I appreciate your work even more now knowing how much support, care and attention you give your clients:)
Have a good weekend and rest.


Thank you so much – I would never have bought a leather jacket without a nudge and so I am extra pleased ! Feeling like a new lease of life

FYI David is very impressed – he thought I would end up needing to take things back but he loves the whole lot and has had to eat his words ! I have a busy week this week and so not having to think too much what to wear is amazing – feel very lucky 🙂


Aw Catherine. Thank you. I Had such an amazing time with you. I appreciate your advice and selecting everything and can’t wait to get home and work some outfits out. I bought the denim jacket and the black dress and the margot jacquard shift dress ? would never have picked for myself but love it


Dear Catherine,

I came back to civilisation last night and got to open up all the bags we filled on Friday – I LOVE my new wardrobe, thank you so much for all your time and expertise and for making the whole experience so fun as well! You’ve really given me a huge amount of confidence in what I can wear, and I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it’s made to me. My fiancé is also a huge fan –  he says (and I agree) that you’ve picked things which I would never choose for myself, but which actually make me look more ‘me’!

I’m taking only a few items back, and am planning to buy some more of the Zara trousers and &OS shirts in other colours especially; I’m also writing a J Crew shopping list for when I’m in the US this summer as you suggested!

Huge thanks again,

Hi Catherine,

Thank you so much for such a great day yesterday. It was so much fun and I love all my new clothes. It was so lovely to get to a shop and have everything ready to try on (most of the time!!). The most difficult part was that I liked almost everything you chose. I regret not buying the black dress and I’m going to order it online later! I’m also going to keep an eye out for the red dress going in the sale.

Thank you again, both Amy and I have a brilliant day,

Kate xx

Thank you Catherine,
I really enjoyed yesterday. The photos are very useful as a point of reference as there was a lot to take in while we were going through my wardrobe.
I will get the orange jacket and try on some bomber jackets.
I am genuinely really looking forward to reading your summary.
Thanks again, it was lots of fun and I’m feeling energised about my wardrobe again.
Have a great weekend.

Thank you for my new capsule wardrobe – with clothes for work, going out and for time spent with my young son and ideas on how I can interchange different pieces to make completely different outfits. The report that you compiled, after our (much needed) ruthless session with my wardrobe, was great and gave me ideas of how to wear my remaining wardrobe differently and how to layer items together.
Our shopping trip today was brilliant – from the clothes already being ready in the shops before we visited, to your real time additions whilst I was in the fitting rooms. I felt completely at ease and your mantra of me having “to love it” means I know I will wear everything that we bought today.
In fact I have already passed on you name as a recommendation to a lady on the train who was amazed with the bags of clothes and my time spent with you – she thought I was a very lucky woman to have such an experience and I wholeheartedly agree!
Thanks again

Hi Catherine,

I’m so sorry for the delay in replying to you. I’ve been wanting to say a huge thank you since yesterday. I really appreciated all of your help and advice and I have come away feeling much happier so much more confident.

I will definitely stay in touch and thanks for the photos of the dresses, the one with the tulip skirt looks amazing!!!

Thank you again,


Thank you so much for our fab day along the Kings Road. I eventually put everything away yesterday evening after a
manic weekend. My cousin who is really into her fashion, blogs etc thought the purchases were great. I wore the brown ankle boots to lunch with jeans, my burgundy J Crew long-sleeved top and ZARA casual faux-leather jacket. Felt great to have some new things!
Thank you also for all the links to clothes. I am about to look up where there is an All Saints as the things that you have selected look great. The scarves look lovely – the Tina Sparkle one you picked has lovely colours and presumably with go with lots of the things I have – I got a bit overwhelmed looking at all the options on the Hayley Menzies site!

Hope you had a fun weekend.

Anna-Lou xx

Hi Catherine

Thanks a million for all your help and suggestions yesterday. You are just brilliant at what you do and you are really helping me to not be afraid of colour and try things that I wouldn’t normally go for. My previously black/grey wardrobe is nearly gone! I realise that I am a tricky customer at times so thanks for bearing with me.

All the best for Christmas and see you next year,

Good morning.
Aside from how insanely hot it was in the stores yesterday I had a great day.
Thank you for you time and help.
After looking through the pics I decided I didn’t like the green dress on me.
I’ve gone from having a hard time getting dressed because I didn’t have anything to having a hard time because I just can’t decide!
Will certainly be in touch for another shopping trip.
Thank you

I’m so very happy that you contacted me Catherine!!! It means to world to me!

The wedding was absolutely perfect. Nicole (the bride and my daughter) was absolutely beautiful. I’ll never, ever forget that day and the whole weekend. I’ve attached a couple pictures for you. I love, love my dress. My brother took one picture of me and said that I looked just like Audrey Hepburn, although I’m pretty sure that I’m far from looking like Audrey Hepburn!!! lol  If you lived in the USA, you would have LOTS of business because I told everyone how absolutely wonderful you were….helping me find my dress and shoes.  I stayed in my shoes from 2:00 until 9:30 before I put the flat shoes on. PERFECT!!!


Morning Catherine!

I had an amazing day again. My family loved the clothes – mum LOVED the J Crew stuff! They were amazed at how everything went together. Am looking forward to sorting my wardrobe this week.

Have bought a couple of pairs of the new balance shoes and also the handbag so look forward to them arriving tomorrow. Will call and try and order the dress. Fingers crossed!


Catherine hi

Thanks for your time and all your recent photos from shopping trips. I am fighting against temptation at the moment but am very pleased with what we have achieved in revamping my wardrobe thus far .I have received very favourable feedback from colleagues who have noticed that my wardrobe is considerably improved! So much so that one of my colleagues has asked me to pass on your details to her!

Kind Regards


I just wanted to say the biggest thank you!! I had such a great day with you, you have really changed my perspective on how I am dressing and how I am presenting myself, I feel a million times more confident and I am having so much fun with my new outfits!

Everyone has been really impressed with all of my outfits so far, they really love how you have styled me and think you have done such a great job!

I actually did wear the black skirt with the grey jacket on Tuesday, before I had seen your email… you obviously trained me well on the shopping trip! It did look great, I wore it with the black ruffled jumper and the necklace from Zara and then my black boots from & other stories! I’ve got a photo, i’ll send it for you now 🙂

Thank you for arranging the hair styling, I am really looking forward to this too, I like the bob you sent me the other day, i’ll have a look at a few different styles.

Thank you again Catherine! I hope we get to do another trip soon!

Amy x x 

Love your summary, super helpful 🙂

Wore the boots today and had multiple compliments so feel loads more comfortable in them.

You are just so effortlessly amazing at what you do, a huge thanks for getting me out of my norm and into some new styles, I can’t wait to try them all and also add more mixes as the weather warms up 🙂

Will definitely keep in touch and see you when the autumn fashions come out.

Kate xx

I wore the JCrew sweater today and my eldest asked me if it was new which I said yes, he then told me it looked really good on me and that he really liked the gold stripe. Also had a compliment re it from a school mum. Well done to my fab lupus stylist who I am busy spreading the word about.

Kate x

Hi Catherine. Thanks for 2day! Great fun! I got the links from High & absolutely love their stuff!! & thanks for doing it so quickly! Hope you had a good trip back. I’ll have a look at the google photos now. Many thanks


Hi Catherine

You really have done the most amazing job with my work wardrobe and all your suggestions are really helpful. I have been wearing all my new clothes this week and have had some really  nice compliments.

Thanks so much again,



Thank you so much for today.

I have just spent the last 2 hours trying everything on and organising my wardrobe. Everything we got today I absolutely love (I took the And Other Stories black dress back as it was the one item I wasn’t sure about). After trying everything on I feel like I have so many outfit combinations – the indigo jumper from And Other Stories looks really great with some of the pieces from Fenwicks. I can’t wait to start wearing it.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me with this. The pieces you picked out were great. Thank you for all your hard work.



Thank you so much for all the help you have given me. I wore the Mango dress and black jacket to work today and I have lost count of the number of people who told me how good I looked! Everybody noticed! I have now been rummaging through my wardrobe trying to piece together various outfits. I have never been interested in clothes before, but I am rather enjoying this! By the way I absolutely LOVE the long-sleeved top from Zara that you flung at me when I was in the queue to pay!

Thanks again.


Hello Catherine! Hope all is well with you and yours. Have received my pack…many thanks…the presentation is just lovely and elegant. A delight actually. Today am wearing my printed dvf lookalike frock, have lost seven pounds and feel super.  I am lusting after a silvery brogue. Any thoughts? Be in touch soon for a shopping trip.

All the best


Hi Catherine

It was an amazing experience to work with you.  I am so happy with my purchases. I tried the Ascot outfit on altogether and I looks really elegant.  I would have never paired all that up together.  I am so happy with the hat.  It just ties it all together.

The 40th party dress is fabulous too.  I really feel I will stand out from the crown and it is certainly a dress to remember!

Most of all though, thank you for your talents!  You have an amazing eye for style and are clearly very au fait with all the current trends.

I hope to see you again soon, and I am definitely up for a Autumn wardrobe overhaul. I will send you some pics too.

Best wishes


Hi Catherine,

Just to sat big thank you for the successful shopping trip last time!

I have been truly enjoying every piece, nick loves all of it and every day my colleagues compliment me on what am wearing :-)… Even my male colleagues could not resist to compliment me on the Zara dress you picked for me!

I’ve almost worn everything now apart from the gorgeous blue dress… Just saving the best for last… The shoes are very sexy too, although I still need to get used to walking in the black ankle boots and get over the discomfort…but they really are gorgeous.

I have recommended you to quite a few people, even the optician that day so hopefully they get in touch..

Take care


Ciao Catherine,

Have just come home to a happy Dounia and a house full of bags!

I wanted to send you a quick thank you note. She’s thrilled with your advice and your help to finally have a winter wardrobe. She rarely treats herself, so thank you again for making this work out so well.

Have a wonderful Christmas, I hope we’ll see you again in the new year.

Best wishes to your family


Hi Catherine

I’m having a good week thanks, helped by this lovely sunshine. I hope yours is going well.

I’ve been studiously referring to my ipad every morning, deciding which outfit to don! Met up with a friend for drinks and she commented on my ‘smartness’ and asked if I’d been shopping… result!   ;

The summary is fantastic – thank you. I couldn’t have hoped for better guidance – it’s everything I need to shop more wisely here on in (though I may need a top up session come Spring because it was just great fun!).

I hope you have a lovely run up to Christmas – gawd it’s decidedly on it’s way now!

All the best, and thanks again.



Hiya Catherine,


I hope you’re well.


I just wanted to drop you a note to say a massive thank you for your efforts taking me out the other week.  I absolutely love all the things I got and have been getting lots of lovely comments at work.  Of course, you were absolutely right about the leather trousers!  Nick loved them!


I am sure we will be seeing each other next year J  Until then, have a lovely end of 2013.


Big hugs



Oh my God you are in big lights as far as I can see. I’ve been released from this stranglehold on looking good. I’m now flying – spent all evening trying on even more combos. I’ve a new wardrobe! What a relief to get rid of old attitudes not to mention clothes that make me look and feel bad.
You’re a genius. THANK YOU!!


Thank you so much Catherine for all your tips. Your confidence in how and what you wear has rubbed off on me and I feel like a different person from 4 years ago! Making the effort with what I wear has made me feel much better about myself and has made changes all around me. It gave me such a massive boost at a time when I felt that I had no time to look after myself because of working full time and being a mum.
Thanks for converting me!!


Just wanted to say that I’m thrilled with the results of last Saturday. I haven’t had one bad clothes day since, I’ve confidently chosen what to wear and had compliments every day, people even look at me differently on the train, in the street, in shops. Having shown me what goes with what and works for me makes it so much easier not to be lazy and make it a given to dress well – like turning a corner.
It’s really increasing my confidence overall and making me feel better about myself.


After going through numerous stylists’ websites, I chose to get Catherine’s help as I really warmed towards her from her sincere and down to earth website. Catherine took the time to come and meet me before our shopping trip to find out what I was like and to look at the clothes I owned already – something which I felt was really important before researching the various styles for me. I then spent about 4 hours with Catherine on Oxford Street and she was absolutely fantastic! She had done a lot of research so I could save on time and go straight into shops where she had pre-selected clothes for me, rather than waste time wandering about. She did really well choosing clothes to suit my age group and budget and I learnt so much about what to look for in clothes and what styles/cuts would suit my body shape and colouring. It was such a wonderful experience – Catherine is a lovely person who is extremely good at her job and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for style advice!


Being someone who hates shopping it was such a pleasure to have Catherine take me under her wing and fit me out with a new winter wardrobe. I had a fantastic day, Catherine was so easy to get on with and I immediately relaxed in her company. My confidence grew as the day progressed and by the end of the day I began to believe that my pear-shape was acceptable and that I looked good in the clothes Catherine had chosen. She made it all seem so effortless and I am now looking forward to spring when we will have another day putting together my summer wardrobe. I never thought shopping could be an enjoyable pastime but Catherine has proved me wrong! I have already recommended her to several friends.
Thank you so much… my husband thinks you are extremely clever in producing a sexy wife!


Just managed to find time to look at these photos properly. Wow Catherine ! You are a magician ! Nobody else has ever achieved such amazing results. You deserve a round of applause. The monochrome dress is outstanding.
Some lessons I have learnt…a skilled stylist is an absolute must. Thank you so much for waving your wand. I think all women should have this experience. Great fun as well.


Thank you for helping my wife to start ‘updating’ her wardrobe. She set off with some trepidation but returned home full of enthusiasm having thoroughly enjoyed her day with you – and the clothes look fantastic.


Thanks Catherine!
I just received the summary/pictures – thank you so much! You should be proud, I bought the military jacket from Zara as well as a black wrap around belt (similar to your cream/gold one).
I had so much fun with the consultation. Am keeping you on speed dial in case of emergency shopping!


Hi Catherine…..jJust wanted to say a big thank you for all your ideas and the look book. It has given me so much confidence and ideas. I already have the leather jigsaw belt and heeled trainers. I tried on the gladiator heels but they killed my ankles as the buckle was right on the bone! Have also invested in a blue and white print maxi dress with beaded neck and a gorgeous caramel floaty dress for marrakesh- both were expensive but can think of five things i will wear them too!!
So thank you for confidence and reminder i am 32 not 52.
Looking forward to the winter wardrobe!!


Hi Catherine
What can I say? I owe you a HUGE thank you!
I’m back to work tomorrow, and I have a million things to do in preparation but I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoyed our session and am so grateful for your friendly approach, down to earth advice and inspiration. Also, the summary pack was excellent – very clear and helpful.
I’ve already been on a quick shopping trip. I now own a fabulous pair of black Joseph trousers and the Cos belt in tan.
I have counted that I now have 18 new outfit combinations that I hadn’t even thought of. Now, that’s seriously impressive! I’m still very nervous about returning to work, but at least I’ll look good and that’s half the battle 🙂
I’m going to try and make it through the next few months, and wait for the new season collections to reach the shops, then maybe we can go shopping.
I’ve taken a pile of things to Katherine for alteration and she told me off for not wearing more figure-skimming clothes! She’s a nice lady, so thanks for the recommendation
In the meantime, take good care and hope to see you soon.
Best wishes,

Helena x

You were just AMAZING today! Thank you soooo much – you’ve managed to put the joy back into shopping! Can’t wait to tackle the rest when you have time………


Brilliant, thank you very much & thank you for giving up a day of your weekend as I know that is your family time too.
Thank you very much for the tips, I will enjoy mixing & matching & carry on shopping on the suggested websites to complete my look!
Thank you again


Hi Catherine What a lovely message and thank you for a fabulous day. Oooooooh what am I going to wear tomorrow? Working on a film set, I shall have a think as I fantasize about my capsule wardrobe!
I will be recommending you to my friends. xx
Hello!! I cannot stop thinking about clothes!!! I know you said I had lots of nice things – but am suddenly convinced – apart from a few cool outfits you put together – that most of my wardrobe is extremely square and like a woman ten years older than me! Especially winter. I def def need you to come again!


Thank you for all the photos you sent and for a great day last Thursday. I had a fantastic time and it was great to spend time with you and pick up all those tips!


Hi Catherine Thanks so much for yesterday. I had a fab time and am really, really happy with my haul. My husband LOVES it all – especially the D&G dress and the DVF wrap. I am in love with shoes – absolutely no regrets there!……will definitely be using your services again and would hope to send a friend or two your way too.


Hey Catherine, I had such a great time with you on Friday and love everything that I’ve got and I’m going out tomorrow for some more retail therapy. I will definitely write on your website you filled me with so much confidence about myself and I had been needing that for so long, so thank you so much.
You truly are amazing Catherine thank you again.


Catherine Just dropping you a quick line to let you know how beneficial our session all those months ago was. I can honestly say that it’s been so helpful in helping me find my style and enjoy clothes again. Oddly, given that you’ve provided the guidance, I have never felt more like I’ve found my natural (‘innate’) style! I would definitely have another session again – ie. for a special occasion or for a refresh. It was money well-spent.
Given I’ve been thinking this for last six months, I thought that I’d give you this feedback directly!
Best wishes


Catherine – It is Megan, Michele’s daughter. Mummy has just shown us all her new clothes and they are fab! My favourite thing is the heels! They are amazing. Daddy gave the lot 11 out of 10!!


Catherine, I cannot thank you enough for all your advice and your effort on our day together, I owe you a massive thank you. Really enjoyed the day and I am very thankful for all your help.
Love how I now have triple the number of outfits in my wardrobe and how you showed me how to make old things new, which is key as I am short on pennies! Summary was very clear and helpful – I feel I might feel shopping as fun not as a chore now! Such a great idea as I can refer back to it when I feel the need.
You really understood my style and helped me to achieve it and I deeply thank you for that as I have tried for so long to find what looks good!
Hopefully see you again and thank you so so much, life saver!


Thank you so much for today. It was fantastic. I feel much better…. and cleaner, as I can actually separate the items on the hanger I have cleaned and dusted this afternoon.
Thank you also for re-acquainting me with some nice stuff and some great stuff to bin. That has been bagged and put out already promise!
I also feel you’ve given me clear direction for my next purchases, clarifying what ‘gaps’ I have, what suits etc etc.
Anyway, apart from all of that, it really was lovely to meet you and I feel ‘energised’. Its fab to meet smart, stylish, confident and warm working mums. I love my little boy but I’m not ready to be just mum.
Thank you.


Thank you so much for sending me the photos and the report. I found the day really useful (and fun) and it has made me much more confident about my ‘good’ points. I feel much more sure of my style and knowing what to look for when shopping.
Best wishes


Hello again,
Thank you again for the excellent shopping trip on Thursday – I had such a good time, but oh my goodness was I exhausted in the evening!!? I got into bed early after having performed a little fashion show for my boyfriend (who by the way was VERY pleased!) and tried on the clothes about a million times. Thought I would read for a bit and relax, but I kept having to get out of bed to try the clothes on again as I kept thinking of different ways to mix and match them…
Even the cats loved the shopping experience as they were given all the wrapping paper from House of Fraser to play with…
I went out last night and wore my new beige trousers and the white top with the low neck and looked totally gorgeous! It is really nice to have some really good items of clothing in my wardrobe and lots of ideas on how to mix and match them and I look forward to next payday when I will go out and get a couple of more items and some more accessories to vary the outfits even more. It has been really nice to have a helping hand from you and I have come home with lots of fabulous clothes in both styles and colours that I would never even have though to try on before AND that I actually feel comfortable in. THANK YOU!!! I feel like I am much better prepared for my next shopping trip now as I have found that I can actually wear something else than just hoodies and jeans AND STILL feel comfortable.
Thank you – again!
Take lots of care,


Ah, you beat me to it! I must thank you for a wonderful day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and am so grateful for the time and effort you put into our day (and all the research beforehand). You have such passion for what you do, that it’s a pleasure to spend time with you. I loved the pace and thought we did brilliantly!
I’d love to meet for a coffee (or a glass of wine or two) to thank you properly, so let me know if you can fit it in at some point.
Best wishes,


Hi Catherine,
Thought I would email as I am not sure if your phone has decided to behave itself!!!!
I just want to thank you for a wonderful day on Thursday. I really did feel like I was spending the day with a girlfriend, but at the same time achieving so much! Today I put together one of the “looks” you showed me, and I felt great.
I can’t thank you enough
Have a wonderful weekend,


Hi Catherine,
Nicki and I had a fabulous, fun time with you, just how good girlie shopping should be.
Thank you so much for finding my gloves..I will definitely pop into the shop on Friday next week and check them out.
Thank you again for a wicked day and let’s hope we see each other very soon.
Lots of love,


The thanks are all due to you, especially for all that running around you did and handling grumpy staff. It was a fantastic day, as far as I’m concerned – I can’t tell you when I last spent so much time focussing on clothes for myself – I normally just dash in here or there, very half-heartedly and pessimistically, which is probably why I never find anything! So thank you so much for all your preparation, persistence and patience …..


Oh yes….. My very glamorous friends were envious of how hot I looked!!! …… All thanks to you. They thought I had lost weight and had lippo or something. I got the coat and a top and cardigan! Woops. But I have found a new love for clothes now I know how to dress. I cannot praise you enough.


Hi Catherine, you did it again, the dress was a HUGE HIT, everyone loved it, and 98% of the guests were in black and it all look so ‘samey’. Really can’t thank you enough, I’m so thrilled. Much love

Fleur xxx

Hi Catherine
Many thanks for the brilliant summary. It’s fantastic advice and very thorough.
Many thanks


Hi Catherine, yes my husband thought I looked beautiful. I enjoyed the night very much. The overall look was really good, the make up a bit strong but it worked! Considering I am pregnant! I think the look was one of the night’s best and I am the most critical of myself. Calling you was the best thing i did. Consider yourself hired next year. I will be in touch for certain and refer friends to you, too. Thank you.


Hi Catherine,
I finally arrived back home and had some food – sooo exhausted! But I have been invited to a little party in Clapham tonight with the theme cream and cookies and the requirement to dress in white, blue and red. Well, I guess I shall throw on the blue trousers, the white top with the little tail and the big red shoes! How fab! There are mostly gay men, all in their 40s and very stylish so I’m sure I will be commented on!
The last stop at Zara’s was a rather daunting experience with way too many people and massive queues everywhere. And it was hot! Awful! However – as always when I’m on a mission(!) – I put on most of the stuff you prepared for me and I bought the navy blue jacket, the stripey blue/pink top and the knitwear top (beige and flowery front) – they were all gorgeous, though I went up a size in all of them (from small to medium) without trying the larger size though as it was too busy. I ended up paying at the kids till which was the quietest!
Carrying everything home was a whole other workout with my arms potentially being sore tomorrow! I’m glad I can show some of the new clothes off tonight, so will let you know how that goes!
Thanks again for everything, I hope you have a great evening!


Hi Catherine – just wanted to say thanks again for yesterday. I have some great stuff – looking fwd to booking you again for some autumn winter wardrobe shopping! When you get a sec, can you let me have the details of the intimissimi top/thing? Thanks! Kathryn x x ps I got the prada shoes they are fab!


I hope you had a nice weekend? I did a fashion show for JH last night and he thought all the clothes and shoes, without exception, were wonderful and looked great! He said you obviously had great style and that I looked very modelly! Doing the fashion show for him made me appreciate even more how you found clothes that work on my body and enhance what I have got! What is so clever also is that they all work really well together. I will definitely recommend you to my friends! I have therefore decided to keep the jacket and heeled trainers.
I would love to have a coffee and am actually around now this weekend if Saturday morning works at all. I know you have your children though so a weekday may work better.


Thanks… These are great! Thanks to Catherine for such an amazing day! Really enjoyed it immensely and am so amazed by all the fabulous looks she put together!
I can’t wait to get dressed tomorrow morning!


Many thanks for sending over the photographs. Catherine made my Monday very special, loved her ideas and tips.


I just wanted to write you a quick email to say thank you so much for your help at the weekend! I really appreciate it so much and I absolutely adore all my new clothes. It’s funny that I’m wearing all these new clothes I love but would have never thought to have taken them off the rack! You were a super help and provided invaluable advice which was just what I needed.


Catherine has transformed my wardrobe…. having not really even thought about my look or wardrobe for about a decade, Catherine started by doing a wardrobe workout, getting rid, suggesting revamps and bags of ‘no longer required!!’ We then spent half a day shopping – she had already organised key items in all the shops on the Kings Road and even bought snacks for the journey. She was upbeat throughout and we got many key pieces to build my wardrobe around – thank you so much.


Thanks a million! You are an angel and I’m so grateful for your help. I’ve just been admiring the photos of my new outfits and I have a huge smile on my face! I’m just about to head out on my mini shopping mission and will be sure to let you know how it goes.


Thank you so much for a really fun day today. I feel we got a great mix of big-ticket and high street items: you selected some great pieces and it was fabulous to have you on hand to advice on sizes and so on. I’m absolutely exhausted now – as you must be after all that scurrying around!


Thank you so, so much for today it was wonderful to meet you. You made me feel at ease from the moment I met you. Thank you for your kind words, as you could tell my confidence is a little low at the moment and your words mean so much so thank you for that…..I think I will always worry I look “too curvy” I will check out that website and be sure to keep you up to date with dresses. I may even call you in a panic!!! I really look forward to receiving the photos and summary… Thanks so much again. You are so wonderful and warm, I trusted your opinion almost immediately and really valued your opinion. Warmest wishes


Hi Catherine, Thanks for yesterday. Beth really enjoyed meeting you and loved the whole experience. She said you were really friendly and full of great ideas, I really appreciate you making her feel relaxed and confident about the months ahead. I look forward to keeping in touch.


Thanks Catherine – I had a great day and can’t believe how quickly it all went – I was surprised Rory so well behaved for us too! I just wish you could pop round every morning and lay out my clothes for the day. Ah, maybe when I win the Euromillions we’ll set that up 😉 I’ve already been online and ordered the M&S camisole and shaper thing for the wedding on Saturday. My sister is very excited about the prospect of more shopping opportunities for jackets – and my Mum is insisting on going through the ‘throw-out’ bags first before I do anything with them!


Hi Catherine,
I have survived, but was very tired last night! I hope you were not too tired too?! Thank you so much for a fantastic day yesterday, it was really great fun and you are really lovely too. You made me feel so relaxed and happy about myself with all of the wonderful clothes you had chosen. I now feel so much more confident about trying on different things that I wouldn’t even have tried on before. It is a shame that I spent so long worrying about booking a date with you. Thank you also for all the lovely things you have said about me too. I will definitely be contacting you again for autumn/winter outfits too. When is the best time to book you for for this please.
Best Wishes


Hi Catherine
Thanks for Wednesday, it was really great meeting you.
Your confidence and what you do for a living intrigue me, and you look great by the way. In that short space of time you gave me confidence, motivation and inspiration to feel and look great and not care what people think, I just want to crack on and shop (ha,ha) now, but I am going to hold off until I get the summary and plan a shopping trip with you as I want to get it right. I had a look at that website you told me about and it is really interesting, I also find myself writing ideas down, so i can quiz you on what you think next time we meet.
Thanks again, and have a good weekend


Hi Catherine
I have been loving my new clothes! Loads of people have commented on my appearance, many saying I looked like I’d lost weight :-)))) last week at the Saturday BBQ I wore the blue trousers with the Hobbs peplum top and the kimono jacket and blue necklace and blue wedges. I felt amazing! We had a 40th birthday party this weekend and I wore the printed trousers with the peplum top again and white blazer with pearl necklace. Getting ready is certainly a lot easier! I have been able to incorporate a lot of my existing clothes with the ones we bought so its all good! I also brought the coral coloured waterproof jacket from Banana Republic and some cropped trousers in beige/khaki colour. I would definitely like to have another shopping trip with you. I need my husband to get over this one first…so maybe Autumn? Even he thought it was a great success! If you are ever out shopping (haha) and see something that is “so Rachael” then do please let me know, I’d be very grateful for your continued input.


Hi Catherine,
THANK YOU so much for last night!! I went to pick up the rest of my stuff today so now have everything to show Nick tonight! I am really chuffed with what I have so am very, very grateful for the effort you put into organising the clothes for me…
Have a great weekend and thanks again,

Lisa xx