August 12th, 2019

Dear Catherine,
Haha we should be the ones thanking you! We had an absolute blast and I was so happy that Carmen was practically beaming the entire day. She told me that it was the best birthday present she ever had. So thank you so much for all your positivity and kindness which made her feel that way. Oh and your awesome fashion ability obviously! Both Carmen and I have/do struggled with body image issues for one reason or another, so to have a day of shopping and to leave with confidence and happiness, means the entire world to us. So thank you again.
All the best



June 30th, 2019

Thanks so much for today Catherine! Such a busy day for you in extraordinary heat, so thank you for retaining such seemingly effortless joy and patience and energy throughout!! And I’m so struck by the COLOUR I’ve just unpacked at home. So many items I would never pick up myself and so many possibilities opening up, I can never again feel I have nothing to wear or indeed reach for the same thing… Thanks again and have a wonderful break. Enjoy.

Becca x


June 24th, 2019


Thank you for an amazing day today!!I am so super excited by my new clothes. My fashion designer ex-husband used to say that your clothes are your four walls when your are outside your house. They are protection and how you want to be seen. Now that I can wear normal clothes again, I am loving rediscovering my love of clothes and beautiful things!! I am rediscovering my four walls of fashion. You have helped me so much with that!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Juliane x


June 17th, 2019

Thank you so much Catherine! It was super lovely to meet you and just so exciting to be shown the full potential of the clothes I already have and all the possibilities waiting ahead! It couldn’t have come at a better time. You are so good at what you do. So many of these scarves were my mums so it also feels so amazing to be getting them out. Nick came home to me re-potting a plant in the garden in a bright pink shirt, leopard print scarf and multi-coloured Moroccan slip ons and was thrilled! Looking forward to shopping trip.

Becca x


May 12th, 2019

Dear Catherine

Yesterday was really fantastic! Thank you for your great enthusiasm and professional expertise. I was absolutely amazed by what you were able to do with my existing wardrobe and your knowledge of tops and other items in the shops right now. V impressive! I found the whole experience energising and very supportive!

Thank you also for the photos and links to the various tops!

I have always expressed my personality (all of the different facets) through how I dress. I realised yesterday just how I had stopped wearing anything fitted (which has always been a huge part of how I dress). I felt our session  allowed me to slip back into my (clothing) skin, and with your help, in fact move forward into a more modern version of myself.

I am so excited to be working with you! I cannot wait for our next session.

Thank you!!!



April 28th, 2019

Hi Catherine,

Thank you for such an enjoyable and valuable day on Friday!

I arrived at my Book Club gathering on Friday in one of “your” outfits and all four girls said ‘Wow you look amazing Fi. What have you been doing!” So they all instantly noticed my wardrobe revitalisation! And I told them about your brilliant services so you may receive some enquiries. 

I particularly valued your objective of creating many different looks from a capsule set of items. And also the opportunity to dig out some old forgotten pieces and match different items that I wouldn’t have thought about combining. 

Thanks also for Google photos and Web links for beautiful jackets and belts. 

Thanks again for your expert guidance and enjoyable service!

All the best. Fiona


April 24th, 2019

Hi Catherine – thank you very much for your help today. You are amazing at what you do. It was a very successful trip! Thanks again



March 30th, 2019

My husband bought me a voucher for a shopping trip with Catherine and it was truly the best present I have ever had. She is extremely talented at finding clothes and looks that fit with your personal style, suit your shape and your colouring. I can’t recommend her enough! She is also very sweet and encouraging and will adapt the shopping to suit your budget. I love wearing the new clothes that I bought on my trip with her and it has boosted my confidence. Thanks Catherine!

Google review – Claire

Google review – Amy

March 26th, 2019

I have now worked with Catherine on two occasions, both ostensibly for a black tie event. (I say ‘ostensibly’ because I actually walked away with many other wonderful clothes!). I decided to go to a personal stylist because I am larger than the average bear (i.e. plus-size) and I just couldn’t find anything that made me feel like a million bucks. Catherine and I spoke at great length before the first session so she could establish my likes and dislikes. She scouted shops ahead of time and when I got to the store she had three full racks of things to consider. She pushed the envelope and made me try things I never would’ve – and they were amazing. Every time I wear the clothes Catherine assisted me with purchasing, I feel like a HUNDRED million bucks. And here is the bonus: she is an wonderful person and really good fun to be with!!!

Google review – Beth

March 26th, 2019

Catherine has been such a fantastic person to have come into my life. I have used her expertise on so many occasions, from pregnancy through to dressing me as a new mum! Catherine is so experienced and works with who you are as a person and what your needs are. Catherine takes the time to really understand you which then enables her to help push comfort zones and make you feel amazing in items of clothing I didn’t think I could wear. Catherine is always available to answer questions and is always open to helping with any fashion dilemma. She is my go to guru and I hope will be in my life for a very long time. Thank you Catherine! X