Vassilisa scarves

March 23rd, 2017

Yesterday, I met up with the very creative designer behind the scarf brand Vassilisa. We chatted over a cup of coffee about how much wear you can get out of scarves as well as making an avergae outfit a “wow” one.

The fact that one of her stunning scarves can be worn with dresses, shirts which are a huge trend right now, as well as jackets, jumpers, sweatshirts and the endless options means they are worth every penny in wear.

This brand being not widely know on our high street means they are even more special! I myself had to buy two of them one to go with my new sexy tuxedo black suit from Zara. This suit with a bra nothing else and the scarf is so stylish. Maybe you would like to know more so go online and contact!!!!

Here attached you will see some examples.