My first blog!

September 9th, 2009

Hurrah, finally the moment I have been waiting for! Writing in my own personal style about the thing I am most passionate about: STYLE and FASHION. It was difficult for me to do this website because there is so much I wanted to explain about what I believe in. Like looking good does not have to be material, self -indulgent, about having a lot of money or being a small dress size.

If you think about the history of fashion for women in the 20th century – the state of our social climate and beliefs have so influenced the clothing we wear. Clothes are often the mirror of our soul. Look at now with all those shoulder pads back and black is about the only colour on the high street (lets hope that changes). 80’s all over again and I wonder why????????

Also, I really believe that if you have been so snowed under with all the stresses of life like jobs, children, maybe health etc. it’s difficult to focus on looking good but sometimes this one thing can improve a lot of other issues just by giving you confidence.

And no you do not have to lose those pounds, stones, be a size zero etc.  I will be blogging much more about this and giving advice in how to dress correctly for your body shape……whether you’re curvy, pear or apple. Don’t think I must lose weight before I start sorting my wardrobe out, don’t hide in ugly baggy clothes because you have a few pounds to lose. Style isn’t about shape it’s about confidence.

Give me a call! Don’t be shy or think things like I will be told to throw out all my clothes or dress in a way that isn’t you. No way – I love recycling and revamping old clothes. This is about finding your style not mine.

Enough from me today. I have London Fashion week coming up and I may try to blog you soon with the news from LFW.