June 2nd, 2019

Sheri is a teacher, an artist and plays indoor cricket for England. She has an hourglass shape, a busy life with all her activities as well as being very social and outgoing with a bubbly personality. I mention all these factors because it really helps me to identify what style works best for my clients.

Personality, lifestyle and body shape are key factors in determining what style suits the individual – everyone is unique and even if you think you haven’t got style, you do but you just haven’t worked it out yet.

Sheri was so happy after the day together she made a painting of me and has been in touch telling me that she’s getting so many compliments on how fabulous she looks.

This is what I love hearing from the results of my service whether shopping for a capsule wardrobe or doing someone’s wardrobe, giving them ”a spring in their step” when they face their everyday world.