Pop-up @Bluebird

May 4th, 2019

Here’s a pop-up collection from a selection of designers that come from Lagos in Africa using an incredible mixture of old and new materials. Most of the shapes are classic and very wearable. This is at one of the many shops I take my clients to – the Bluebird Shop in Covent Garden.

For my clients I like to choose from a variety of high street shops but on occasion I do suggest one designer piece that is worth the money in wear and fit. If you want designer, then of course we can go down that route, but I always respect your budget! I wouldn’t be doing a good job if one of my client’s budget was overstretched and they went home after our appointment feeling heavy hearted.

Most of my clients say the results are incredible and they feel amazing as they have such a wonderful selection of clothing to choose from every day. That’s my aim!!!