March 30th, 2019

Who does not like jeans? There are so many ways to wear one pair of jeans. I have made this story very classic maybe quite preppy but it’s fresh and colourful. Even I am excited about the colour or well the fact that I found this shoes which where ridiculously reduced to £19.99.

The jeans are a newer style, the cropped kick flare are fairly high-waisted which is great for holding everything in.

The shirt is tucked one side into the waistband which is the newest and very flattering way to show some of the waist but disguise maybe a little tummy.

Layering is a way to give an illustration of a shape and they are many guidelines to this.

So, all of the selections are at JCrew at the present moment. I believe that you would most certainly have these things in your wardrobe for at least 5 years so money well spent