Dear Catherine, Haha we should be the ones thanking you! We had an absolute blast and I was so happy that Carmen was practically beaming the entire day. She told me that it was the best birthday present she ever had. So thank you so much for all your positivity and kindness which made her

Capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe. One skirt worn so many different ways by changing the top, footwear and accessories. Maybe also think about the hair and makeup?


Thanks so much for today Catherine! Such a busy day for you in extraordinary heat, so thank you for retaining such seemingly effortless joy and patience and energy throughout!! And I’m so struck by the COLOUR I’ve just unpacked at home. So many items I would never pick up myself and so many possibilities opening


Catherine Thank you for an amazing day today!!I am so super excited by my new clothes. My fashion designer ex-husband used to say that your clothes are your four walls when your are outside your house. They are protection and how you want to be seen. Now that I can wear normal clothes again, I


Beautiful simple blouses for spring/summer from a French company called Sezanne ( https://www.sezane.com/en )


Thank you so much Catherine! It was super lovely to meet you and just so exciting to be shown the full potential of the clothes I already have and all the possibilities waiting ahead! It couldn’t have come at a better time. You are so good at what you do. So many of these scarves


Sheri is a teacher, an artist and plays indoor cricket for England. She has an hourglass shape, a busy life with all her activities as well as being very social and outgoing with a bubbly personality. I mention all these factors because it really helps me to identify what style works best for my clients.


My client Eleanor is in her early twenties and works as a journalist and we were looking for outfits both for work and for various events over the summer. I love her in jumpsuits and most importantly she feels her best wearing them too. The second dress is much more casual and could be worn

Classic style

  A dress and coat that would be great for a classic lady. The cut flatters an hour glass shape, pear shape but less so an apple shape; however, these are old fashion terms of body shapes and most of us are combinations of these. On top of that, height is something to take into