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Google review – Nadine

March 26th, 2019

What a fabulous way to spend a Friday afternoon. I embarked on a tailored shopping trip with Catherine. She has so much talent and ability to look at you and know exactly which shape, colour abd fit is for you. She pushed you outside your comfort zone and surprise ….it feels great. She had done lots of homework and preparation to make trying clothes fun and energising. You never had to ask the size as all was ready for me in the changing room. She is a artiste and a master in her craft. She is so warm and generous, creative and fun that makes the entire experience such a uolifting and easy moment spent on yourself. It’is Better than any therapy. She made me feel like a million dollars and can only recommend her services You won’t regret it .. will do this again soon 😜🌸🌸🌸


Google review – DJM

March 26th, 2019

Catherine has helped me inject fun and style into a wardrobe that outlived 3 pregnancies and helped me to develop a brand new sense of style of my own. Not only does Catherine work to budget, but she also endeavours to stretch you out of your comfort zone, introduce you to new brands, but always does so with you feeling and being totally in control of the process. I loved everything we bought on our trips and hence booked another shopping trip a year later. I wasn’t disappointed – Catherine is your stylish big sister and doesn’t disappoint you, or other halves ! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and can’t wait for my next shopping trip some time. I feel incredibly lucky to have had this opportunity and having 3 young children at home, this reincarnation of my wardrobe would not have happened without her intervention ! Thank you Catherine !


March 24th, 2019

Style is a mixture of personality, experiences , life-style and body-shape. I believe we are all different and no one is the same.

This is Nadine who has 2 children, she is a single mother, works in the City and we had a wonderful day trying new looks she never thought of trying. I did push her a little out of her normal classic look into some things that were more fun and funky which she loved.

We stuck to a budget that she had in mind and could afford. The day was a great success for her as well we for me.

More examples of how I style my clients coming however if you were my client I won’t dress you like anybody else.

Style is so personal!

L Saha

March 17th, 2019

Designer label L Saha makes beautiful and elegant dresses and separates. The hand sewn sequins on the dress with red stripe take a very long time to sew on but this means that they won’t fall off and leave a trail of sequins behind you.

The materials she uses are beautiful silks. There is a collection of hand painted silk dresses, tops and coats that are stunning not only because of the colours but equally beautiful cut on.

I do think less is more! If we have clothes that we wear with confidence and love rather than many clothes that don’t suit us or look like everyone else it’s worth the investment. Let me help you find your style and the clothes that make you feel incredible.


March 14th, 2019

&otherstories coat mid-season sale now 30% off.  Many bargains to be grabbed get a personal shopper to buy in the sales with discounts a nice capsule wardrobe for spring!!!