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Happy New Year to you all!

January 7th, 2010

My apologies for not writing, it’s not easy looking stylish in this very cold winter we are having but you can. Here are some ideas:

• wear some colourful hats, scarves, and gloves to bring colour to your face (mine is a horrid grey colour at the moment)

• wear layers like thin polo-necks under dresses, tops, knitwear (Uniqlo have a great heat tech range in a multitude of colour

• jackets that have stretch for comfort can be worn as an extra layer and hide a slightly bigger middle

• wear two pairs of tights

• wear a bright lipstick

• thick socks under boots will keep your feet worn and can look nice peeking over the top

• warm fur or fake furs can be stylish and add warmth

Well I hope that helps a little bit. Please don’t hide under those big baggy fleeces and if you do, get some fitted colourful ones from Uniqlo or American Apparel! Then looking good will make this hard time of year feel a whole lot better.

Well talking about feeling better. I love the sales for being able to purchase items I would never normally be able to buy. But one can make big mistakes, buying something one will never even wear once. Yes I have done it too. Also, because a lot of businesses will not even let you exchange your impulse purchase (very bad in my mind and I’m not going back there again).

Sales items to invest in:

1) A coat: an expensive item like a coat that will keep you warm and stylish looking. Well it hardly matters what you look like underneath if on the outside you look great.

2) Boots: a pair of well-made boots that will last season after season. Remember you will be wearing them for many months in the year in England. Worn over or under jeans/trousers with dresses, skirts. If you have tricky calves look at DUO boots or Russell and Bromley make boots with an elastic band down the centre back. Leather always lasts longer than suede, but suede boots are more flattering on a bigger calf.

3) Dresses: I am a great believer in a dress not only for the evening (isn’t it boring seeing everyone wearing jeans all the time). They will lengthen the body (slimming) and can be worn in so many different ways. For example: with a cardigan or jacket, a thin layered long-sleeved T-shirt. Different accessories like a long necklace or scarves, boots with skinny jeans or killer-heels in the evening. Belted!? Short or long whatever suits your body shape. Plus jersey dresses can be so comfortable, warm and easy to wash.

4) Cashmere jumpers/cardigans: this is because cashmere is so expensive and don’t you hate the feeling of wool when the air is dry and your skin is too. Please don’t wear twinset and pearl look, so ageing and very unflattering.

Now where are the sales still good without the horrid Boxing Day chaos. I recommend:

Matches (further reductions coming any minute), Harrods, smaller private owned boutiques like Anna’s, Austique, Feathers etc. Russell and Bromley will be putting more styles into the sales and reducing them further.

I am a great believer in, if something suits you, buy it! Fashion will always change and there will be things that just don’t suit you. For example this A/W season how many of you can wear the longer length tops with ultra-skinny leggings or jeans. The Bodycon dress (a very tight dress and super short)???? Well it is really about finding your style and fashion can be varied in one way or another to suit the individuals shape and lifestyle.

More coming soon, so stay tuned.