How to update your wardrobe with this seasons trends……

October 14th, 2013

How to update your wardrobe this season? Here are some tips how to:
• Pink in any shade is this season’s colour. I am loving this colour even with burgundy or navy blue, but try to avoid black with pink. There are different shades around and the one I like the most is a dusty pink, but that is because it suits me the most. Never-the-less Top Shop has a pair of trousers in pretty pink they could be worked well with tan ankle boots with a camel jumper and possibly a pin stripe jacket. Does this sound like a lot to digest?
• Well suddenly I am on to the next HUGE trend which I love the most. You have to be creative and mix it up! This is all about mixing different materials, textures, prints, colour in different items of clothing and accessories. I am so sorry I may have confused you now. But trust me it is such a great way to put together outfits that show your own personal style. I think I may have to send you all some photos and show you some good examples. In the meantime why not look at fashion bloggers like Jak and Jil or the Sartorialist.
• Floral print but seriously dark and moody, almost gothic or grunge like. Very cool, but a NICE chiffon blouse that is sheer with a black vest underneath could be teamed with a pencil skirt and a blazer for the office or it could be worn with leather jeans and heels for the evening. I can think of loads of other ideas. How about you?
• Squares, checks and tartans, I am not a huge fan of tweed, because of the itch factor and that generally any tweed that I have seen in someone’s wardrobe only adds bulk to the body, especially trousers on pear shapes. Oh no!!!!! But if you look at Zara’s website you may see the wonderful materials they are now using to make these checks or squares more flattering. This is a very elegant look and an easy way to mix and match different prints. Last year I started to see tartans around again and got one myself in a very dark navy. I love it and have teamed it with burgundy tights and a stripy skinny polo neck. A few days ago I saw a shorter one in navy at Top Shop if you can wear short. Otherwise look at the various web-sites for more options, maybe Jaeger or Hobbs?
• Oh boy here is a big trend that I love so much and looks great on most woman of any shape and size. The skirt! Well it does need to be teamed with jumpers for this trend to be pulled off correctly, but you all know I am into individuality not following fashion. So find your own version. If you are a pear shape go for a flared shape skirt and a skinny jumper,( fitted please and tucked in), boyish shapes could go for a printed pencil skirt with a slouchy jumper possibly with a belt to give you the appearance of a waist. The curvy girls would look great with an A-line style a fitted top that is not too long or it could be a sexy blouse. Apple shapes suit a shorter skirt that is worn with a slouchy jumper.
• Collar necklaces on top of jumpers. I love Bimbo and Lola for their fantastic ideas. Please if it is your style at all, have a look. I also think COS have some simple versions. It is so easy to make an outfit look special and feel great in it.
• Skinny jeans are very much still in fashion but I absolutely think almost everyone looks good in the waxed pair of jeans from Zara. Check them out!

Well that is all for now. I have many more ideas up my sleeve, and am continuously dreaming up more. Like all the vintage fairs that I go to are so wonderful, beautiful clothes, but I hate holes in clothing. Please through anything out that is old and tattered. You need the space in your wardrobe to be creative. Don’t we all deserve to look fantastic and feel amazing? My answer to you is yes you do!!!!


November 7th, 2011

Oh my godness! It is actually getting cold out there now and so grey! Please my lovely ladies, can we add some more colour to our grey world. It is not that difficult and don’t you think we need it in this environment we are living in at present(do not worry I am not going into that direction)!
Okay, so how you ask me? Well, have you ever heard of block colouring. These are blocks of colour and can be various pieces of clothing, but also for those whom do not suit brights…well accessorizies. It is easy, you could wear a simple grey(boring) outfit, but add a bright red pair of shoes or what about a colour paired of tights (of course only for those with good legs, look at TABIO tights), a necklace or scarf or a fun watch(Toy Stop).
Has anyone seen the crowds of people walking through Oxford Circus, not one bite of colour. I think adding colour to grey( think orange or purple or a vibrant blue) or brown (purple or a strong green) or black (red) could really affect how we feel in ourselves and how others are attracted to us.
Why not clash colurs if you are so daring like orange with purple or blue, or red with purple!? I have to say everytime I wear these fabulous bright blue TABIO tights with an orange dress I have from COS, people really stare and I get people just talking to me, you know a nice chat sort of way. I know you do not all have the guts to put this together, but as I said it can be small pieces.
I find a lot of woman with tiny waist focus so much on their impecfections, they never realize that by highlighting their female beautiful curves, like with bright coloured stunning waisted belt. So easy and affective!!!!
Please give it a shot!
Let’s brighten up this grey winter!


November 7th, 2011

For anyone that likes cashmere and has never been to Uniqlo, please go into your nearest bigger shop. They have got some great cashmere knits, whether you suit a shorter fit or a longer baggier style! Plus lots of colours. I actually bought a few and added some gorgeous sequinned butterflies and shoulder detailing for a knit with different. They look great and it feels good to be creative.

Happy New Year to you all!

January 7th, 2010

My apologies for not writing, it’s not easy looking stylish in this very cold winter we are having but you can. Here are some ideas:

• wear some colourful hats, scarves, and gloves to bring colour to your face (mine is a horrid grey colour at the moment)

• wear layers like thin polo-necks under dresses, tops, knitwear (Uniqlo have a great heat tech range in a multitude of colour

• jackets that have stretch for comfort can be worn as an extra layer and hide a slightly bigger middle

• wear two pairs of tights

• wear a bright lipstick

• thick socks under boots will keep your feet worn and can look nice peeking over the top

• warm fur or fake furs can be stylish and add warmth

Well I hope that helps a little bit. Please don’t hide under those big baggy fleeces and if you do, get some fitted colourful ones from Uniqlo or American Apparel! Then looking good will make this hard time of year feel a whole lot better.

Well talking about feeling better. I love the sales for being able to purchase items I would never normally be able to buy. But one can make big mistakes, buying something one will never even wear once. Yes I have done it too. Also, because a lot of businesses will not even let you exchange your impulse purchase (very bad in my mind and I’m not going back there again).

Sales items to invest in:

1) A coat: an expensive item like a coat that will keep you warm and stylish looking. Well it hardly matters what you look like underneath if on the outside you look great.

2) Boots: a pair of well-made boots that will last season after season. Remember you will be wearing them for many months in the year in England. Worn over or under jeans/trousers with dresses, skirts. If you have tricky calves look at DUO boots or Russell and Bromley make boots with an elastic band down the centre back. Leather always lasts longer than suede, but suede boots are more flattering on a bigger calf.

3) Dresses: I am a great believer in a dress not only for the evening (isn’t it boring seeing everyone wearing jeans all the time). They will lengthen the body (slimming) and can be worn in so many different ways. For example: with a cardigan or jacket, a thin layered long-sleeved T-shirt. Different accessories like a long necklace or scarves, boots with skinny jeans or killer-heels in the evening. Belted!? Short or long whatever suits your body shape. Plus jersey dresses can be so comfortable, warm and easy to wash.

4) Cashmere jumpers/cardigans: this is because cashmere is so expensive and don’t you hate the feeling of wool when the air is dry and your skin is too. Please don’t wear twinset and pearl look, so ageing and very unflattering.

Now where are the sales still good without the horrid Boxing Day chaos. I recommend:

Matches (further reductions coming any minute), Harrods, smaller private owned boutiques like Anna’s, Austique, Feathers etc. Russell and Bromley will be putting more styles into the sales and reducing them further.

I am a great believer in, if something suits you, buy it! Fashion will always change and there will be things that just don’t suit you. For example this A/W season how many of you can wear the longer length tops with ultra-skinny leggings or jeans. The Bodycon dress (a very tight dress and super short)???? Well it is really about finding your style and fashion can be varied in one way or another to suit the individuals shape and lifestyle.

More coming soon, so stay tuned.


Dear All…..

November 7th, 2009

I am so sorry it’s been such a long time. Thank you to you all those who have contacted me. I am so grateful for having helped some REALLY lovely special women. Also of all shapes and sizes. The response has been brilliant and so I am going to add a new Testimonial page and Gift Voucher Page to my website.

Anyway more importantly the shops are full of beautiful clothes. There is a lot of sequin, studding and velvet around ready for the Christmas Season (and yes you can now wear them during the day).

I love Warehouse’s lace dresses with lantern shaped skirts, a very flattering shape for pear shapes. There are a lot of fantastic jackets. Warehouse has a dinner jacket style with a studded collar. Very Rock Chick! Topshop has an amazing harlequin sequin jacket, beautifully cut and very unusual. Plus I never really mention the higher end of designers: Diane Von Furstenburg is a great female designer. She has a whole range of beautiful dresses – the wrap dress (her signature dress), floaty dresses, made in great jersey and interesting prints. A dress for every body shape.

French designers like Maje, Sandro and A.P.C. make beautiful clothes for those of us that like classic with a twist. Also not having those scary designer prices but really well made.

All Saints is great for its tailoring. Skirt suits are something I believe will be a big trend for next Autumn/Winter Trends. I have a beautifully cut boy-friend jacket from four seasons ago. It was £130 – and it is still in really good nick, worn too death and goes with everything.

What I do notice is how few of you own a good jacket. Jacket’s will sculpt, define and hide a million problem areas. Plus they instantly smarten from day to night. Dare I say I have about 10 jackets of different shapes and styles. I love jackets and in winter I will wear a coat on top (keeps you extra warm). Also look out for lycra in the material for extra comfort.

Have any of you heard of DUO boots. They are a web-based company that specialises in made-to-measure boots. A real problem solution for those with extremely small or big calves. And…..they make really great styles and quality boots.

I love boots they can balance a whole shoulder to hip proportion problem. Shoes can make or kill an outfit. Please look at a fantastic blogger called Scott Schuman. He has a website called The Sartorialist. Wow! what an inspiration. Here you can see what a difference the right pair of shoes make.

Well enough from me now, it’s Saturday and the day is full or errands after a very busy week. Thanks for your support for all those that have used me. I love my job.


Your own STYLE gives you confidence

October 1st, 2009

Imagine a beautiful woman walks into a room. Let’s be honest beauty is not that interesting. But when a confident woman walks into a room it’s entrancing. The way she moves with poise and self-possession. She is not usually the one in the plain black dress. She is the one in the interesting shirt and vintage skirt and one immediately wants to know where she got them from. Confidence is captivating, it is powerful and it does not fade – and that is endlessly more interesting than beauty.

This is from a new book I just bought called The Black Book of Style by Nina Garcia. I really especially loved this quote. How many of us stop ourselves from looking good because we wish we looked different (taller, thinner, curvier, smaller bottom etc.)?

Why can we not just improve our style by the way we look just today and feel good about ourselves. CONFIDENT!

What is stopping you? Find your Style, Love yourself a little bit more and just imagine how amazing life could be without those negative messages we give ourselves everyday. Light, fun and worth living!!!!

By the way I found some amazing Biba boots in a second-hand shop today. Bang-on-trend and never worn for £70. Go and have a look in your nearest second-hand shop. You never know what other people throw out may just be amazing on you.

Bye for now. Catherine