L Saha

March 17th, 2019

Designer label L Saha makes beautiful and elegant dresses and separates. The hand sewn sequins on the dress with red stripe take a very long time to sew on but this means that they won’t fall off and leave a trail of sequins behind you.

The materials she uses are beautiful silks. There is a collection of hand painted silk dresses, tops and coats that are stunning not only because of the colours but equally beautiful cut on.

I do think less is more! If we have clothes that we wear with confidence and love rather than many clothes that don’t suit us or look like everyone else it’s worth the investment. Let me help you find your style and the clothes that make you feel incredible.


March 14th, 2019

&otherstories coat mid-season sale now 30% off.  Many bargains to be grabbed get a personal shopper to buy in the sales with discounts a nice capsule wardrobe for spring!!!

Tuxedo suit from Zara

March 23rd, 2017

My last blog was about the stunning Vassilisa scarves this is the suit I mentioned. Great for women that like to look strong and sexy at the same time. 

Vassilisa scarves

March 23rd, 2017

Yesterday, I met up with the very creative designer behind the scarf brand Vassilisa. We chatted over a cup of coffee about how much wear you can get out of scarves as well as making an avergae outfit a “wow” one.

The fact that one of her stunning scarves can be worn with dresses, shirts which are a huge trend right now, as well as jackets, jumpers, sweatshirts and the endless options means they are worth every penny in wear.

This brand being not widely know on our high street means they are even more special! I myself had to buy two of them one to go with my new sexy tuxedo black suit from Zara. This suit with a bra nothing else and the scarf is so stylish. Maybe you would like to know more so go online and contact vassilisa.com!!!!

Here attached you will see some examples.

Uterqüe my favourite new mail order company 

March 21st, 2017

I bought a while back a pair of stunning over the knee boots from Uterque a mail order company based in Italy.  They have an impressive range of cool accessories, leather shoes, bags, knitwear, well-cut leather jackets and this beautiful leather top. Check it out! I recommend downloading app. 

I am so excited

November 5th, 2013

J.Crew is coming to London this week on the 8th of November. For those of you not familiar with this American Brand it is a mixture of classic cuts made in great materials, middle range prices and most of all fantastic colour ranges. Their cashmere is amazing and they have many styles and colours.
J.Crew accessories are to dye for. Fabulous shoes, jewellery and on top of all that a petite,tall, maternity and plus size range.
The other thing I like about this shop is that no other shop is similar to this one.The pieces I have been looking at are so easy to wear for most people’s style. You could easily team a piece from J.Crew shop with designer or other High Street items.
Have a look on-line now and dream up a new look with the items that already exist in your wardrobe.


November 5th, 2013

The kids are back at school. I have to admit as much as I love them. It’s so hard to get my style quite right. Most importantly in this time I fall back to my safe method of teaming good cuts that suit my shape with layers and accessories that are practical and I know work. This at least makes me feel good about myself, even though I hardly think about myself (you know the feeling). Do you have a method?
I think back to when the girls were really little and my body was not really the one I knew anymore.
This is why I started thinking about what really suited me and found my own style,rather than following one- off trends. The trends of course we do follow a little because of what is available to us in the shops, but I know the basic guidelines to my shape, with extra weight or less.
Do you need help with this?

Bimbo and Lola

October 18th, 2013

I adore this shop. They stock the most fantastic jewellery, shoes, bags and clothing. It may not be YOUR style but they are having a 30% sale on many items. So if you like this jumper and suit hats and quirky jewellery. Go quickly!