Classic style

May 21st, 2019


A dress and coat that would be great for a classic lady. The cut flatters an hour glass shape, pear shape but less so an apple shape; however, these are old fashion terms of body shapes and most of us are combinations of these. On top of that, height is something to take into consideration, as well. If you want to know more about what you are as far as body shape and what really suits your style do ask for help, as this could save you so much hassle and money, for a lifetime even.


May 12th, 2019

Another shopping trip client. Cathrin is a mother of two boys in their teens. She came to me because she felt stuck in a style rut of always buying the same in navy or black. Too much colour makes her feel uncomfortable, so I just added a bit of colour here and there and stuck to classic shapes and crucially these pieces complement her wardrobe and will go with what she already owns.

We went to a small boutique in Wandsworth called Olivier’s lounge and spent a few fun hours trying out various combinations

I think Catrin looks super classy and chic in an effortless way!

Pop-up @Bluebird

May 4th, 2019

Here’s a pop-up collection from a selection of designers that come from Lagos in Africa using an incredible mixture of old and new materials. Most of the shapes are classic and very wearable. This is at one of the many shops I take my clients to – the Bluebird Shop in Covent Garden.

For my clients I like to choose from a variety of high street shops but on occasion I do suggest one designer piece that is worth the money in wear and fit. If you want designer, then of course we can go down that route, but I always respect your budget! I wouldn’t be doing a good job if one of my client’s budget was overstretched and they went home after our appointment feeling heavy hearted.

Most of my clients say the results are incredible and they feel amazing as they have such a wonderful selection of clothing to choose from every day. That’s my aim!!!

Sample sale

April 27th, 2019

Another aspect to my job is to let my clients know about the amazing sample sales that occasionally crop up. This one is coming soon. I can’t wait and have invited a few of my clients to go.

The friendships as a personal stylist with my good clients is something I truly treasure and reward !!!!

Would you like me to bring your look back to life and keep it that way? Contact me.

Have a wonderful day



April 17th, 2019

Here’s another example of another wonderful client. Sarah is a mother of twins, runs a large ski company, her life is busy not only with work and home but she also very sociable.

She booked me to help tick all the boxes with a wardrobe that works for her style but also she struggled to find things that suited her body-shape. Here are some examples of what she loved and felt incredible in.

Plus they work with things she already has in her wardrobe!


April 4th, 2019

Twinset dress – this Italian company make beautiful clothes, bohemian chic, mid-priced. How many ways do you think you could wear this dress? All seasons? I love a great dress that is versatile, value for money and most of all has a good feel factor!!! Great leather accessories as well…. they are Italian after all.


March 30th, 2019

Who does not like jeans? There are so many ways to wear one pair of jeans. I have made this story very classic maybe quite preppy but it’s fresh and colourful. Even I am excited about the colour or well the fact that I found this shoes which where ridiculously reduced to £19.99.

The jeans are a newer style, the cropped kick flare are fairly high-waisted which is great for holding everything in.

The shirt is tucked one side into the waistband which is the newest and very flattering way to show some of the waist but disguise maybe a little tummy.

Layering is a way to give an illustration of a shape and they are many guidelines to this.

So, all of the selections are at JCrew at the present moment. I believe that you would most certainly have these things in your wardrobe for at least 5 years so money well spent

Suits are back

March 30th, 2019

Gorgeous suits are back and so easy to style with a selection of tops underneath, footwear and accessories. One can also as a woman separate a suit and wear the trousers with jumpers, blouses or different jackets. The jacket can also be used with skirts and dresses.

I simply think a suit is an excellent start to a very functional, stylish capsule wardrobe for work or even for play.

This suit in total costs £220 the cut is slim fitting it would work for most body shapes but not if you are extremely pear shape with a different sized top half to bottom half.

It also comes in the other colour way (second from top). Contact me for details.


March 24th, 2019

Style is a mixture of personality, experiences , life-style and body-shape. I believe we are all different and no one is the same.

This is Nadine who has 2 children, she is a single mother, works in the City and we had a wonderful day trying new looks she never thought of trying. I did push her a little out of her normal classic look into some things that were more fun and funky which she loved.

We stuck to a budget that she had in mind and could afford. The day was a great success for her as well we for me.

More examples of how I style my clients coming however if you were my client I won’t dress you like anybody else.

Style is so personal!

L Saha

March 17th, 2019

Designer label L Saha makes beautiful and elegant dresses and separates. The hand sewn sequins on the dress with red stripe take a very long time to sew on but this means that they won’t fall off and leave a trail of sequins behind you.

The materials she uses are beautiful silks. There is a collection of hand painted silk dresses, tops and coats that are stunning not only because of the colours but equally beautiful cut on.

I do think less is more! If we have clothes that we wear with confidence and love rather than many clothes that don’t suit us or look like everyone else it’s worth the investment. Let me help you find your style and the clothes that make you feel incredible.